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Shamim Shafiee is a one-man freelancer specializing in web dev, print design, and web graphics.
I’m originally from Malaysia by way of Southeast Island, Johor. I’ve been a software designer for over seven years now working mostly with service-based startups and companies.

Growing up, I always admired older people with great stories to tell. That’s how I imagined I’d lead my life, and so I do. I travel and plan for experiences of all sorts. Although I have gathered plenty so far, I am too excited about all the adventures and stories yet to come.

I’ve got a vivid imagination and a knack for planning things out. Of course, I am head over heels in love with my work. And I always believe good can always be bettered.

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I'd love to chat with you about any upcoming design projects for your business.
+6013 783 1205
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Gamefield by Tune Talk
Everus Technologies
Everus eWallet System Extension
Armiena Technologies
Codeshop by Tune Talk
Everus KYC System Dashboard
UMobile SMS Campaign System Dashboard
Elite Jets
Logo and Business Card Design
Waqf Blockhain System Dashboard
Express Melody Music Streaming
Dragon Phoenix
Finterra Technologies
International Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum
Chamek Kopitiam
Al Qanaah Resources
Cert Events
CMS Blog Portal Forest Interactive
A Infotask PLT
Jess Stone Quartz
CMS Portal YB Nizar Zakaria
eCommerce Book Catcher
Eight Virtues Montessori Preschool
Pride Outlet, KPJ Healthcare Berhad
Corporate Website Baiduri Dimensi Group
Corporate Website Amtech Checmical
Bitbubs Interactive
XOX Steam by XOX Mobile
XOX Planet by Celcom
Honda Purchasing System

If you have any question please feel free to email it to me.

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