Market Research

Continuous in-depth engagement, observation and learning about the evolving needs and challenges of cryptocurrency users and future regulators.

Wallet Development

The Everus Smart Wallet is a tax-smart cryptocurrency wallet with built-in accounting software, clearly separating investing and spending functions. With KYC/AML/CCD processing, it verifies and ensures the validity of individuals who open a Smart Wallet. User Experience and Gamification

Security Centre

The EVERUS API operates across multiple eco-system platforms. Modules and libraries, providing various security services like cryptography and certificate management, plug in to the CSSM.

User Experience and Gamification

Everus XP (Experience Points) is a gamification-enchanced user rewards system built into Everus Wolrd. Every step of the user journey will be assigned XP and enable user to level up bigger rewards/

With Everus XP, every action leads you to increasinly greater rewards.

Blockchain & Services Development

More than just outreach and inclusivity campaigns, Everus is developing real-world initiatives that utilize cryptocurrency and smart contracts to solve problems in areas such as disaster relief, military applications, financial education, wealth disparity and governance.

Everus Mall

Everus Mall is a leading online digital commerce portal in Southeast Asia. Everus Mall is part of Everus World which aims to provide cryptocurrency users with an effortless shopping experience, and local merchants with simple and direct access to spending customers.

With the release of Everus World’s cryptocurrency, Everus Mall aims to bring seamless transactions and purchases to cryptocurrency users, while also facilitating the buying, selling, auctioning and advertising of products and services.

Why choose Everus Mall?

Everus Merchant

Be an Everus Merchant and accept cashless payments from new customers without the need for high credit or debit card transaction fees. Customers paying with EVR will also be rewarded with 2% - 5% exclusive discounts from Everus, on all of your products. With over 68,000 (and increasing) pre-registered wallets to date, merchants will enjoy high and targeted visibility on the Everus platform upon our launch on Ethereum.

Global Remittace and Peer-to-Peer Loans

Our P2P loan services will revolutionize traditional credit rating systems used by financial systems and allow you to implement smart contracts for easy repayment. Our global remittance services will let you transfer EVRs to a person’s crypto wallet regardless wherever they may be at ridiculously low flat rate.

3rd Party Exchanges

EVRs will be listed on all major cryptocurrency exchanges, so you can trade and exchange between your currencies and EVRs. With our continues growth, one can expect an increase